Do we have to move all the furniture from the room?
We ask that smaller items and breakables such as standard lamps, ornaments, floor standing vases and nests of tables are moved prior to the visit. Sofas and chairs can be left and we will move them, clean the area and replace. If you require cleaning under bookcases and cabinets please ensure they are empty. If you are unsure about your requirement please ask for a free home visit to discuss.Click to edit text. What do visitors to your website need to know about you and your business?

How long will the carpet take to dry?
Usually carpets are dry in 2 hours or less. This depends on ambient temperature, humidity, fibre type and the cleaning system used. We can advise more accurately on the day.

Do you use any strong or harmful chemicals?
All the cleaning solutions used are child and pet safe plus conform to all current environmental safety standards.

What are the details visitors need or want to know?
Although we do not anticipate any problems we do have both public liability accidental damage insurance and treatment risk insurance to cover carpets and upholstery being cleaned.